Friday, September 20, 2013

Five On Friday!

Linking up again this week with DarciAprilChristina, and Natasha for Five on Friday! 

Things are moving forward in our house hunting adventures and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that an end is in sight. It's been a stressful few months weeks and I can only hope and pray that we can get moved soon. I know this is all very vague but I'm trying not to get my hopes up over here. Stay tuned, I'm hoping to have lots of updates for you soon! 

A girl that also works for the county school system here was selling these old blue Mason jars this week and I HAD TO snatch a few up. 

Pinterest is probably to blame but so is Jacin at Lovely Little Details (said entirely with love J!!). I would have bought the whole lot she was selling if I could but I wasn't sure what I'd use them for. Rent them out to brides? Decorate the entire house with them? I dunno but in the end, I purchased three half-gallon blue Masons and I'm elated. I'll probably just use them as vases around the house for now but do tell if you have any other creative ideas!!

I'm incredibly excited to have nothing planned this weekend. As I said, the last few weeks have been nutty so I'm glad to be able to relax and do a whole lot of nothing before things pick up again next month. October is packed full of photography sessions, birthday fun and hopefully moving! 

Last week, I signed up to participate in a weight loss contest here at work. I'm not one to post sweaty, gym pictures or my weight but to keep myself accountable, I might mention my progress every now and again. This week, (despite not hitting the gym as regularly as I usually do) I lost 2.4 pounds. I was SHOCKED and pleasantly so!!! A few friends have stepped up their workout/eating routines so I hope we can keep each other motivated. My goal was to do a 10k in the Spring... but we'll see. ;) What are you doing to stay healthy these days? 

My biggest motivator, Maria, and I after one of our many 5k adventures :)

Several of my friends have such good news to tell lately and it makes my heart so happy. I can only hope the good news continues for some more loves in my life. I'm anxiously awaiting on engagement and baby news from several friends. All I can do is pray!

Happy weekend and TGIF! 


Nicole said...

Good list. Yeah because of Jacin I went and found the anniversary blue mason jars this spring. I bought 3 pkgs of them and we're using them as drinking glasses :)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Congrats on then healthy challenge! That is awesome! As long as you have a way to stay motivated you will be a total rock star! :-)

And best of luck on the house! fingers crossed, for sure!

Jennifer said...

Good for you for taking on the healthy challenge! What am I doing to stay healthy these days? NOTHING. It's terrible, but I'm so low on sleep and energy, and it's sooooo dark at 4:30am. Hopefully it'll cool off here in AZ soon so I can start running at lunch time at work again.

LWLH said...

Good luck on all the house stuff, I know how stressful those types of things can be.

Leigh said...

Ah hope all goes well with the house hunting! Love those jars too. Have a great weekend!

J and A said...

Love those mason jars! Good work on the healthy challenge and all house related stuff. You got this!

kjpugs said...

LOOOVE that picture of you and Maria! I wish I could hang out with you guys!!!! You are some of my favorites! And I hope I have baby news for you SOON!!!!!

kjpugs said...

LOOOVE that picture of you and Maria! I wish I could hang out with you guys!!!! You are some of my favorites! And I hope I have baby news for you SOON!!!!!

Lindsey Let the Light Shine Blog said...

Ohh how exciting! Good luck with the house stuff :) And congrats on the weight loss!

Anni said...

So happy for you that things are going well with the house! I can't wait to see photos of the new place once you get your hands on styling it. :)

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